Woman charged with robbing dying man

FAYETTEVILLE Fayetteville Police arrested Lakesha Lilly on an outstanding warrant for felony larceny.

Lilly, 26, of Spring Lake is accused of stealing shoes and a cell phone from 17-year-old James Porter, a student at 71st High School, as he lay unconscious after he had been shot in the head. It is also believed that she approached him at least twice while he lay unconscious.

"Basically what she did after this guy had been shot --he lay unconscious on the ground-- she walked by took his shoes and his cell phone and left without rendering any type of aide or calling for help," said Jamie Smith with the Fayetteville Police Department.

On January 20, 2008, Porter was found at the corner of Cliffdale and Pritchett roads, next to a tire shop, and was transported to the hospital where he later died. Police say Lilly did not help Porter nor did she attempt to call for help.

"If you see someone lying on the street, you don't have to approach them, you don't have to check on them, but you can call 911 and have an officer go by and check. And eventually that is how our officers found him. A passerby called 911 and had our officers go check on the young man and that how he was discovered," Smith said.

Lilly has not been charged in connection with the shooting.

Lilly was arrested May 4. She has been released from jail with an unsecured bond.

Eyewitness News went to a Spring Lake apartment listed as her address, but were told Lilly does not live there any more.

Police say several persons of interests have been named related to the homicide, but they need more evidence before pressing charges.

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