Former solider shot and robbed

Former solider shot and robbed

31-year-old Dewayne McKinney is recovering from a gunshot wound to his stomach at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, he said he was in a nightclub parking lot sleeping off a night of drinking when he was robbed and shot.

Police are trying to determine if that gunman may have been involved in a similar shooting last month that killed a Fort Bragg sergeant.

"I'm in pain 24/7," McKinney said.

With a wound in his gut and a tube in his nose, McKinney says it was his soldier's pride that kept him from surrendering his wallet and car keys to an armed robber.

"I was sleeping in the car and this guy come up, fully masked black hooded and he ask me for my car and I declined his offer and he shot me," he said.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of an Eastern Boulevard nightclub Sunday around 2 a.m.

McKinney who got out of the Army in May 2005, said that during two tours in Iraq he was never wounded, but this time the bad guy had the upper hand on him.

"My window was cracked and he told me to get out of the car, he already had the gun facing at me already," he said.

Although wounded, McKinney managed to get away. He gave officers a vague description of the robber.

It was exactly a month ago Monday that Army Sgt. Sergio Sanchez was shot during a hold-up outside a Bragg Boulevard nightclub. He later died.

Investigators are trying to determine if the two incidents may have a connection.

They say they still need the public's help in solving both cases.

"Anybody that might have been in the area, might have seen or heard something, no matter how un-important they think it is or even somebody who might have head something afterwards from the potential suspects," Fayetteville Police Sgt. John Sommerindyke said.

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