Duke students hold vigil for China

May 13, 2008 8:24:45 PM PDT
More than 500 students at Duke University are Chinese and many of them gathered to pray in front of Duke Chapel.

So far all Chinese Duke students and their families are accounted for.

Still seeing the images of devastation and desperation thousands of miles away they feel all they can do is Light candles and pray for thousands of lives lost and thousands more still not found.

Chinese students at Duke are praying for their families, their friends and everyone in China after the worst earthquake there in three decades.

"I nearly cried when I watch the news on the website. They have children the same age as me, they lost their children," Mother, Jing Du said. "They, many lost their only child maybe they don't have chance to have another one."

Those who survived are left homeless, living in the streets - stuck in the rain without shelter like Duke Student ZhiZhong Li's parents.

"Aftershocks they're feeling every hour and I'm just concerned, they are in their 50's and 60's." Li said.

Those who attended the service opened up their wallets, making donations to the rescue and relief efforts.