Gov. Easley continues tour of damaged counties


/*Easley*/ took a helicopter to survey the damage.

/*Onslow*/ and /*Bertie*/ counties were hit Sunday night by a F2 tornado.

"I looked up and, whoof, and it was sucking everything up," Norma Dudley said.

For the Dudleys, the aftermath hardly compares to the experience of riding out the tornado's fierce winds.

"I heard a loud crack," Dudley said. "It was like it landed here in the yard. Next minute I looked up in the ceiling and saw everything going and the noise is a noise I'll never forget. I can't get it out of mind."

The family's car was damaged and their roof is gone. Outside there are other reminders of the twister's strength.

"We had a swing that was at the end of that porch, gone, we have no idea where it is," Dudley said. "We have looked and looked."

The strong winds caused the house's foundation to shift. "It was lifted enough debris went underneath and got trapped," she said.

Now the home is not safe to sleep in. The /*Red Cross*/ is putting the Dudleys and two other families up in a hotel and Governor Easley is promising help for victims.

"We're not going to let anyone fall through the cracks here in N.C.," Easley said.

The Governor says now they're just trying to determine who is insured, who isn't and what houses are habitable.

After that the state will decide how much money they'll have to work with to help families like the Dudley's get back on their feet.

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