Mother in battle over daughter's remains

Samantha Locklear says a cross marks the spot where the remains of her 16-year-old daughter were found in January.

Lisa Hohman had been missing for nearly three years.

Now, Locklear is in a fight with neighbors and Robeson County Commissioners over the final resting place of daughter.

"It's five months. I haven't even; I buried a child when I was 18. I mean, when you bury two children and you're only 40-years-old. Give me time to grieve," Locklear said.

The Maxton woman placed the remains in a mausoleum, beside her mobile home on Jacobs Road.

Robeson county commissioners say the current location of the mausoleum violates the guidelines for family cemeteries.

Neighbors like Denita Locklear were outraged; even though just down the road, Denita has three relatives buried in mausoleums in her family cemetery.

"Basically it's a public spectacle. We wanted the child to placed were it was found," Denita said.

Samantha says she decided to put the mausoleum there because it is the highest point on her property.

She says the area is subjected to flooding and the county wants her to move the mausoleum behind her house and she says that is just unacceptable.

"That is like, me reburying my child again. I can't go through this. It's like I told him, my heart feels like it's going to bust now. You're making me relive the burial of my child," Samantha said.

She appeared before county commissioners Monday night and lost her battle to keep her daughter's mausoleum where it is. She now has 90-days to move it.

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