Former trooper sentenced for DWI


It has been five month since /*Bradley*/ was charged with DWI and fired from his job as a 16-year veteran of the /*State Highway Patrol. His status as a trooper at the time of the crime was not ignored.

"They should know the law and if they don't or if they, even if they know and they violate it then they need to be held accountable," prosecutor Patrick Latour said.

But the prosecutor told the judge it wasn't just that Bradley was driving drunk with his kids in the car, it's what happened when police arrived.

A Raleigh officer testified Bradley resisted arrest. One officer broke his hand when knocked to the ground.

Another had to taser Bradley, but Bradley continued to fight as he was handcuffed.

"He kicked a female officer, office LaBlanc, in her leg," officer D.V. Naumuk, Raleigh Police Department, said. "She subsequently got a very large bruise. He was finally placed under arrest and we located a concealed weapon on his ankle."

Although Bradley was only fined and sentenced to community service and probation, his law enforcement career is over.

His attorney says the fact that he was driving drunk when he ran a stop sign and plunged into a Raleigh pond with his children in the car has weighed on his mind. His seven and 18-year-old children were with him.

His actions towards fellow law enforcement officers apparently has too.

"I just want to apologize to the arresting officers," Bradley said. "I think if we would have met on different terms they would have had a different opinion of me."

Bradley went on to say he is extremely thankful that his children weren't hurt by his poor judgment.

He was sentenced to 24 days in jail and probation, but he won't be locked up. He was given credit for 24-days he spent in rehabilitation.

Bradley resigned from the Highway Patrol two weeks after the incident.

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