Campgrounds endure flooding


A favorite weekend getaway spot is going to be off the table for some this Memorial Day weekend.

"Last fall when we were here last year, you had to walk 200 yards before you even got to the water from here and now here it is right here at the campgrounds." said Worth Parrish of Zebulon.

At the J.C. Cooper campgrounds families have to be extra careful, since heavy rains have flooded a hundred and 90 campsites.

Water is spilling onto nearby campers and park officials were forced to close some facilities.

"With the lake receding a little bit and crews get in there and open sites up, we are probably looking at around 100 during memorial weekend that will be closed and unusable out of 646 campsites," Park Superintendent, Bryce Fleming said.

At one of Nutbush campgrounds' stations, a picnic table is under water, where normally people can park their camper. Now covered in water, minnows swim freely, as grilling and electricity has been shut down.

However, business owners are hoping for the best, but say they are preparing for the worst.

At a one stop local bait and tackle shop, more campers mean more money, and closed campsites along with higher gas prices are decreasing their profits.

"You know they closed some of the boat ramps its, it's probably going to put a damper on it," said Priscilla Davis, an employee at the Stop and Shop Grocery.

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