Third graders get in shape


It's called the Million Step March sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

The children are taking the competition very seriously.

"We have been walking," student Summer Solheim said. "When we are at recess, we always do laps to make sure we're healthy and that kind of stuff."

Friday's walk at Stoney Point Elementary School began with a little friendly competition between the school's principal and P.E. teacher on smoothie making stationary bikes.

The principal lost, but P.E. teacher Becky Hendrickson says the children at the real winners.

"When I reflect on some of my fitness scores and I see the health level of the children, I think this is an awesome thing," Hendrickson said. "It gets them motivated. Gets them excited. The little tool that they got to monitor and verify what they're doing...I think it's a great thing."

That tool is a pedometer. It helps the children count their way closer to those million steps.

The Million Step March is designed to get third graders up and moving, but it's also a great opportunity for them to win some great prizes for their school.

"Well, the school gets $2,000 if we win and $1000 for participating, so we're already ahead," Principal Susan McCray said. "So that's great. The teachers get a $250 gift certificate to Stone Supply Store."

Be on he lookout, the Million Step March will be walking its way to a school near you.

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