Troubleshooter: Uprooted


J&S Logging, a company based out of Youngsville, NC, wanted to cut down some trees on the Manning's property. The Manning's signed a contract which stated that J&S would clean up the yard after they cut the timber.

J&S did cut down the trees and took what they wanted. As for the rest, it still remained in the Manning's yard. Joyce told Troubleshooter, "It's been devastating. People driving by and the people calling 'hey when are you going to get your yard cleaned up?' "

The logger kept saying he would come, but at the time, the promises continued to remain empty. Joyce added, "We trusted him. He was such a smooth talker." Fed up with empty promises since December, Joyce's son contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Jerome Hawkins of J&S Logging, who told her he has been meaning to clean up the yard but it's been too wet. He also said if his equipment touches the yard it will tear it up. The Manning's find Hawkins' claims hard to believe since North Carolina has been in a drought since early March. Joyce told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I just want my yard looking like it used to be."

And we gave good news. J&S started working on the Manning's yard following Troubleshooter Diane Wilson's calls to the company. J&S cleaned up the majority of the timber this past weekend and say they will continue to clean away the rest of the mess.

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