Sod problems


When she says she couldn't get the company to address her concerns, she turned to /*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/.

Eva Jefferies paid to have sod in her back yard, but just a few weeks after the job, she noticed problems. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I just want it right."

Eva doesn't think she's being unreasonable when it comes to her new sod she had Snow's Landscaping and Lawncare put down in her backyard. Eva adds, "Every block you planted has pulled apart and has big gaps in it." She said despite her irrigation system watering the new sod every day, the gaps didn't disappear.

She says, "I thought I was getting an HGTV lawn but after it was laid it started growing I was like, oh, look at the yard."

Eva says she called Snow Landscaping and a rep did come out and look at her back yard.

She adds, "He said I never seen a yard do this. He said my boss will get in touch with you and he never called me, so that's when I called you guys."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Snow's Landscaping, a rep agreed he did need to replace some pieces of sod, but blamed the gaps on lack of watering.

He also said Eva was happy with the job when it was originally done. But he said he wants to do whatever makes her happy. She wanted topsoil laid down.

He did that, but Eva questions if it's topsoil because of all the rocks in it. Eva adds, "I'm not trying to make his company look bad. I just want him to make my yard look right."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Snow's again, and the rep said it was topsoil and he doesn't know why there's rock in it.

He made another visit to the Jefferies house and this time agreed if the grass is not fully grown within a year, he'll replace it. A plan Eva says she's happy with.

He also added, they don't warranty anything, but he did want to make Eva a satisfied customer.

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