Local parents march in D.C. for Autism


The march on Washington drew supporters from across the country and several women from the triangle organized the event.

The women who spearheaded the march in Washington are the founders of Moms Against Mercury, a group that was started in Cary.

They have had many marches before, but the one on Wednesday that ended on Capitol Hill was the largest they have ever put together and they also had some big stars marching alongside them.

Their chant was simple, but carried a big message.

Triangle resident Angela Medlin and Amy Carson who both founded Moms Against Mercury organized the green our vaccines march on Washington.

The rally began at the Washington monument and ended on Capitol Hill.

Nearly ten thousand from across the country marched including Hollywood stars Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, whose son has autism.

"They have such passion and determination that these women are perfect example of the strongest warriors in this country that represent autism," McCarthy said.

Autism is the reason Carson and Medlin spearheaded the march to push for safer vaccine legislation.

Even though the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics say vaccines are safe, both women have autistic sons and blame preservatives in vaccines for causing it.

"It's too late for my son, but it's not too late for the rest of America to make some change," Carson said.

About 400 people from North Carolina made the trip to be heard including Durham resident Vicki Gurganus.

"And its very important to us, because we all have children who are affected by it," Gurganus said. Those affected heard support from Robert Kennedy, Jr. and doctors who agree with their cause. One Carson and Medlin are making sure gets attention.

Many who marched here today went on to meet with members of congress to push for tougher laws dealing with vaccines. The group from North Carolina is meeting with Senators Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole Wednesday and Thursday.

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