Triangle residents ready for general election


Now triangle supporters are rallying for what could be a hard fought battle to win North Carolina in the general election.

Some of North Carolina's super delegates and many political experts agree.

Senator Obama's broad success in the May primary shows the state could go to democrats during the fall election for the first time in several decades.

The dust from the battle between Senators Clinton and Obama has barely settled, but already super delegate Everette ward says the general election buzz is in the air.

"North Carolina is going to be a real battleground for us." Obama Super Delegate Supporter, Everette Ward said.

With the exception of president jimmy carter in the 1970's North Carolina has gone republican in the last 40 years.

Republican analysts believe Senator John McCain will have an easier time attracting the state's conservative and independent voters.

But N.C. State Political Science Professor Andy Taylor says high voter registration, the president's low approval rating and Obama's appeal to minorities could chart a new course.

"Obama's ability to especially energize the African American population should make it one of those states that the democrats are thinking -- it's possible to take from the republican column," Taylor said.

Super delegate Muriel Offerman says Obama's grassroots machine makes it easier for him to campaign in N.C in the fall.

"I think the support is so strong here as was evidenced by the primary that he'll be back in this state," Offerman said.

And if recent history is any indication, the Illinois senator will be well received.

"You're attracting 10,000 at one rally, 17,000 at another and 7,500 for Mrs. Obama, I think it's clear that he has a message that's resonating with the citizens of North Carolina," Ward said.

Senator Obama no longer has any official campaign offices open in our state, but Eyewitness News has been told he has thousands of volunteers statewide that would make mobilizing quickly fairly simple.

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