Raleigh: the drought is not over


As Falls Lake dips back below full, Raleigh water leaders are discussing how to best prepare if the drought gets extreme again.

Raleigh is expected to find ways to save water every day; it's just a matter of how to do it.

On Wednesday, Raleigh's Water Conservation Advisory Council --the group of people who make recommendations to the city council-- threw out a slew of ideas.

Currently, Raleigh is under Stage 1, revised water restrictions.

That means irrigation is only allowed two times a week, depending on your address.

Some on the advisory council think the title should be simplified, to make it more clear for the community to understand.

    Other ideas include:
  • Using allotted zones instead of alternate day watering.
  • Creating a waste water ordinance.
  • Setting a water reduction goal percentage.
  • Promoting water conservative landscaping.

Even with the significant rain from the past two months, the Triangle is still 2.25 inches below normal for the year.

Ultimately, the city council has to approve any changes.

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