Local city to start recycling program


The problems is, they were delivered a month before the city's recycling programs is scheduled to begin, which has some people confused about what's supposed to go in them.

Many people did not know what to do with the new trash cans, so they sat empty curbside for a while. Now people aren't sure what to put in them.

"I see them on my street and people use them for yard trash and they used them for regular trash and then I see the garbage service put stickers on them I guess to tell them that, that's not what they're for," Fayetteville Resident, Yvonne McDonald said.

"We'll never be able to pick up anything else, but recyclable items in those carts. We did have to start early because 60,000 carts is a lot to deliver. They should just about be wrapping up that program, getting them all delivered," City's Spokesperson, Jackie Tuckey said.

Fayetteville plans to start a massive recycling effort the week of July 7. Pratt Industries is scheduled to build a material recovery facility inside a warehouse on East Mountain Drive.

The lid on each blue container lists things that can be recycled and things that should not go in them at all.

"With this program people just put all their recyclable items in the blue cart, roll it out to the curb and the truck comes and picks it up. They're done," Tuckey said.

Large machines at the plant on East Mountain Drive will separate the recyclables and turned them into reusable products.

"You know I think it's a long time coming. I think it's something that for a metropolitan area this size, we need to be in recycling and I think it's a great idea," Fayetteville Resident, Glenn Adams said.

The city plans to spend the next several weeks getting more information out about its new recycling program.

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