Teen attacked in home invasion


Police are looking into a connection between the crimes. There are similarities like the type of neighborhood and the suspect, who is described as a clean cut man claiming to be lost or holding a clipboard.

"Oh, I'm so angry," Sharon Ahlmark, the mother of the teenage victim, said. "I'm so angry."

Those are strong words from a mother whose daughter was in a fight for her life last weekend.

In the Ahlmark's neighborhood, construction and landscapers are common. A clean cut man with a clipboard reportedly rang the doorbell and attacked Ahlman's daughter.

Ahlmark said the man punched her daughter, choked her and then shoved her to the floor.

By chance, a relative, who stopped by to visit, heard the commotion and ran for help.

Ahlmark is convinced that visit saved her daughter's life.

"I could've came home to a much worse situation," Ahlmark said.

While Raleigh Police investigate, they're also comparing notes with authorities in Durham where two violent invasions occurred on the same day. Right now there's no confirmed connection.

"But, certainly there was some similarities between what happened in Durham and what happened in Raleigh," /*Raleigh Police*? spokesperson Jim Sughrue said.

Ahlmark is praying what happened won't happen again in any neighborhood.

"Don't open the door," Ahlmark said. "If they're legitimate, they'll make arrangements."

Investigators say the people responsible for the crimes have no problems being violent. All of the victims have been roughed up.

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