Dog shot, left in street


Heather Case has a few items left to remind her of her pit bull, Browny.

A collar, Browny's cremated remains and pictures show how the dog was shot in the street and left for dead.

"He was an angel," Case said. "Complete angel. He never did anything bad, never tried to hurt anybody, he wasn't violent."

She used to tie the dog to a tree in her front yard, but 8 days ago her sister, Ashley Case, drove by her house and found Browny dead in the street.

Ashley also found a bullet shell casing.

"The officer told us, really, that since it was a dog and not a human being, it really wasn't top priority," Ashley said.

Heather said the police detective was honest with her. "She said , 'I'm not going to lie. In cases like this where we don't have any witnesses, we're probably not going to be able to find the guy.'"

But then a witness came forward. He said he saw a neighbor and another man shoot Browny three times.

Still, Heather says she's not sure what police are doing with the case.

"We have witnesses who saw the guy who did this," Heather said. "We have a shell casing and a dead dog. Everything's right there in front of them to go put this guy in jail. And they've done nothing."

Eyewitness News went to the home of the neighbor who is accused of being involved, but no one was home.

Before Browny was shot, Heather says a neighbor asked if their children were safe.

"Maybe he thought my dog was evil because he's a pit bull," she said. "But that's not the case. Brownie would not hurt anybody."

Durham Police were not available to interview. They said the case has been assigned to an administrator, and they are working with animal control.

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