Local woman feeds the hungry


Ann Bumgardner's name was entered into a contest.

"The prize was 40,000 pounds of chicken to give to the needy of /*Raleigh*/ and they're lining up now to get it," Bumgardner said.

One-by-one in vans, trucks and rented U-Hauls, non-profits lined up at the interfaith food shuttle to get boxes of free, frozen Tyson chicken.

"This chicken is a god bless a godsend and Ms. Ann is wonderful," said Clarence Stables of Club Horizon.

Club Horizon helps mentally handicap people earn GEDs. The organization needs food to keep it going.

"A lot of them can't take their medication on an empty stomach so any food is a real blessing," Stables said.

Fifteen tons is expected to feed thousands, but it's not only about the golden bird. That's because fruits and vegetables help to make a complete meal, but it's Club Horizon's relationship with the farmers market that helps to feed thousands each day.

At 81 years old, Bumgardner doesn't skip a beat.

At the farmers market, she negotiates with wholesalers to donate fresh produce.

In all, farmers have donated 1.5 million pounds or perishable foods each year.

"Every single day she is out here doing this," said Vaughn Ford of Ford Produce. "Not for her own benefit, not for the award she got today, but because it upsets her that people might be hungry."

And with a slowing economy, her good heart and hard work is the reason to celebrate.

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