A skydiving adventure for Diane Wilson

LAURINBURG, NC Her adventure began in Laurinburg, that's where the Army's Golden Knights parachute team practices. Today's her day to join the familiar faces on the Golden Knights wall of sky diving fame. Golf's sensation Tiger Woods, former president George H.W. Bush, and television star Chuck Norris are just some of the famous people who jumped with the Golden Knights. For 44 years, the Army's finest have been wowing crowds jumping out of airplanes falling to the ground at 120 miles per hour.

Her day started going over the basics like how to jump out of the plane, what to do when we hit the ground and then signing my life away. She said she had no worries, as she knew she was in good hands. Then, she suited up. For the next hour, her tandem partner, Staff Sgt. Joe Jones would become her new best friend. He made sure her harness was nice and tight and everything was connected where it should be, he then picked the shoot.

The first big thrill was heading out to the runway. She said it was all a little intimidating as her heart started racing. As they boarded the plane, she was all smiles ready for her ski diving adventure. When they got to more than 13,000 feet they were ready to jump. She took one last deep breath, and away they went.

The first few seconds, Troubleshooter Diane Wilson says she can't even explain the feeling as it was exhilarating. It was so intense she said she almost forgot how to breathe. As soon as she caught her breath, it was pure enjoyment. The free fall was beyond her expectations; she says she took in every moment feeling like she was as light as a feather just flying. The biggest shock of all was when Staff Sgt. Jones pulled the cord. For a second, she says she thought her harness disconnected from the shoot and her life was over. But no worries, their shoot opened and from there it was a smooth leisurely flight down to the ground.

Staff Sgt. Jones glided them in to a perfect 10 landing! When she was back on solid ground, she says it was hard to put into words just how great it was to skydive with the best, the Golden Knights. It was an experience Troubleshooter Diane Wilson says she will never forget and she says she can't thank the Golden Knights enough for letting her fly with the best!

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