Does it Work? Smart Lidz

Smart Lidz is a product that claims to help you save food, time, and money.

If you ever have trouble finding the right lid to the right container, the Smart Lidz maybe your answer. It claims to vacuum seal any bowl, jar, cup or can…any size, shape or material. But does it work?

Karie Daley, along with two of her girls, put the Smart Lidz to the test. Four lids come in the box, with three different sizes.

First, Karie and the girls try it on a glass bowl with some strawberries. Karie notices a potential problem right away.

She says, "I'm pressing on my strawberries here, so you can't fill it to the top." But how about the air tight seal? On the first try, Karie gets a good vacuum seal.

Sadie Daley tests the Smart Lidz on a metal can of chick peas.

She presses her fingers down real hard in the middle and gets a good seal there too. So are the Smart Lidz really spill proof?

We try it on a glass measuring cup with juice. When Karie follows the instructions, we don't get a good seal as the juice spills on the countertop. When she tries it on a plastic measuring cup, this time we get a good seal and it works.

Karie says she has concerns when it comes to the different sizes of the Smart Lidz as they're rather big.

She adds, "It goes in and it attaches, however now I have the problem, am I going to put this in my refrigerator. It's big and wastes a lot of space."

But the biggest disappointment for Karie and the girls is when it comes to the seal. After we put the Smart Lidz to the test a number of times, they don't seem to keep their air tight vacuum seal, which claims to keep food fresh longer and helps it last up to two weeks.

After a just few minutes of sitting, our air tight seals are no longer vacuum tight.

So we give the Smart Lidz a thumbs down. While they did give us a vacuum seal several times, it didn't last long, and it also didn't seal everything like it claims to do. We found the Smart Lidz in stores for $9.99. You can buy them online, but be careful as many people have complained they got surprised with high shipping charges, some paid as much as $50.00!

Karie does think the Smart Lidz are a good concept, but after putting them to the test, just not practical for her kitchen as she thinks a plastic baggie does the job better.

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