Attorney: Brad Cooper grieving for Nancy


Defense Attorney /*Seth Blum*/ said his office could no longer sit silent as bizarre and unstopped theories were tossed around through the media.

Brad Cooper's wife, /*Nancy*/, was reported missing last weekend and found dead along a road in Cary on Monday night. Police have not named any suspects, but there has been a lot of finger pointing at /*Brad*/.

Brad hasn't been seen much since making a public plea for help when his wife was missing Sunday.

While he's said nothing publicly since then, Friday his attorneys said they could no longer hold their tongues.

"We speak to you today as a result of the wild speculation that has been internationally reported surrounding the death of Brad's wife, Nancy," Attorney Blum said.

Raleigh Attorney Seth Blum and his partner Howard Kurtz wanted to let everyone know their client is grieving. They say he wants to mourn privately.

"He is not accustomed to the hot glare of the media spotlight," Blum said. "He never dreamed he would see his face splashed across television news shows nor his name in headline, especially under these terrible circumstances."

Blum said Brad has cooperated fully with investigators, answering questions at numerous, extensive interviews.

"He has made himself, his cars and his home available to them to conduct their investigation," the attorney said.

But Blum refused to say anything about the criminal case. He offered nothing in defense of his client except to say that police characterization of the murder as isolated and not random were "clearly negative."

In their prepared statement, Cooper's attorneys didn't address whether he killed his wife.

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