A closer look at Brad Cooper


/*Brad*/, who is /*Nancy*/'s husband, has submitted a DNA sample and his children are no longer in his custody.

Just as Nancy was an avid runner, Brad is also an athlete, having competed in triathlons and even Ironman competitions. All of that information is according to his personal blog, which makes little mention os his family.

His Web page is titled Adventures of Brad. It features a countdown clock until the next Ironman competition and a schedule of upcoming races. Links highlight a workout plan and goals.

Pictures show Brad competing in different races and traveling to Europe.

According to date stamp, the page was last updated in January 2008.

Brad writes, "After almost five months of not training, I'm back."

His next goal is an Ironman competition in Lake Placid, New York. It takes place this Tuesday, the day before his wife's funeral.

Brad is originally from the small town of Medicine Hat in the province of Alberta, Canada -- about 160 miles outside of Calgary.

His father is the vice president of Medicine Hat College.

For the past 8 years Brad has worked for /*Cisco Systems*/ in /*RTP*/, which is why he and Nancy moved to the U.S. According to his blog, Brad earned his MBA degree from N.C. State last December.

He wrote,"Now that the holidays are over I am finally able to spend some more time with the family." It's the only mention of his family in his blog and on his Website.

"If anyone knows anything, I just want them to contact the police with any information they may have," Brad said Monday at a news conference regarding his wife's disappearance.

That was the last time the media saw or heard from Brad. He admitted to Cary Police he and Nancy had been having marital problems.

In a custody complaint, Nancy's family alleges Brad was having an affair and he was emotionally unstable.

Eyewitness News called to check on his job status at Cisco and was told he was not at work Friday.

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