Scorching temperatures hit the Triangle

RALEIGH Stuck in the sun, waiting for the bus, Cheryl Carrington is armed with sunglasses, a white shirt to keep cool, and her bottle full of water --which she refills regularly.

"This is the third time, so drink a lot of water," Carrington said.

Up the road several blocks toward downtown, Lina Antoninio huddled under a tree, upset about the weather.

"It's horrible --walking, it makes it impossible to walk in this heat," Antonino said.

And with the temperatures soaring, some bus riders wished for some covering, a canopy -- anything to stay cool along the sidewalk, in most cases -- no relief.

"About three or four minutes out here, you be burning up." bus rider Keshia Jones said.

At the tennis camp at N.C. State, the garbage cans are full of empty Gatorade cups. And coaches are on the lookout for any trouble signs.

"We've talked to our instructors a lot about anticipating the needs of the kids and so before they get overheated, having them stop and take a break, look for the signs, if somebody's getting really red or a little disoriented, we're having our trainer get with them right away," tennis coach Hans Olsen said.

Children at the park also have to adjust to the heat.

The most popular place at the park isn't the slide or the swings, it's the water fountain.

Counselor Nina Rufty says she makes sure her 5-year-old campers drink and drink when they spend a greater portion of their day out of the sun.

"We do bathroom and water breaks about once an hour, make sure everyone's at least putting something in your body," Rufty said. "We cut our time outside in half to about 30 minutes, and we'll take 'em inside and play games inside."

Charlene Graham, who runs the Creepers And Crawlers Summer Camp, says wherever her kids go, the trusty ice water cooler isn't far behind.

"The more they sweat -- we know it's time for a break," Graham said.

Monday afternoon, her campers planned to go to a pool. And with another scorcher forecasted for Tuesday, she says they'll be inside.

"Tomorrow we are going to the movies at the White Oaks theatre," Graham said.

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