Family wants answers in teen's death

SANFORD Dana Shorb's father is talking exclusively to Eyewitness News and wondering why no one is telling him anything about his daughter's death. Dennis Shorb says the autopsy on Dana's death doesn't answer the one question that continually torments him. "I just keep asking why, why did this happen to her. What happened as of yet, no answers," Dennis said. Police say Dana was killed in a mobile home April 25. Family members say Dana lived in the mobile home with her boyfriend and her 2-month-old daughter. Dennis says that Dana's daughter is currently with her boyfriend. Police remain very tight-lipped about the case, but talking with relatives and in published reports, Police were called to the home by an acquaintance and found the teen's body inside. According to the state medical examiners autopsy, Dana was stabbed 11 times, she also had defensive wounds on her hands and arm. Her body was found in the bathtub with the shower running. Sanford police say they have worked Dana's death as a homicide since day one. Capt. David smith would not comment on any suspects, but says the case is solvable. "We are working close with the DA's Office on it and that's as far as I will go," Smith said. Dennis Shorb say he is upset because no one is telling him anything. "There is a lot to of questions that haven't been answered I've got to have answers and I don't know if I will to be honest with you," he said.
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