Police close mall following fight

RALEIGH Detectives closed the mall early around 8:30 p.m. to investigate the scene.

Witnesses tell Eyewitness News the fight was between more than 100 teenagers . They say the fight broke out on the second floor.

Witnesses say they heard people screaming and then heard gunshots. However, Raleigh Police say no shots were fired.

More than a dozen police and emergency personnel rushed to the scene and started closing entrances to the mall. They evacuated the area and eventually shut the mall down.

Police indicate there were several arrests. They say no one was hurt during the fight.

One witness says people were running to their store looking to hide from the chaos.

"When they start shooting, they can shoot at us, anybody in the mall, anyone innocent walking by, a bullet could hit them. Not even safe to come shopping," shopper Gay Akemon said.

Several mall employees say the incident highlights a huge problem of loitering --saying security officers do not enforce the anti-loitering policy.

Mall management says there is an anti-loitering police, but there is loitering at any mall. They say they have kicked groups out before. Their rules state no groups can congregate at the mall.

The mall plans to hold a meeting for employees at the food court Sunday at 9 a.m. to talk about the incident.

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