911 calls reveal chaos during mall fight


Police say a fight involving close to 300 people is gang related and seven teens are facing charges.

According to the /*Raleigh Police Department*/, the fight started small but quickly escalated.

Numerous shoppers and employes called 911 during the altercation.

"We're at Triangle mall and the security isn't able to control a fight downstairs and everyone is running after them," one caller said.

"Inside /*Triangle Town Center*/ there's something going on in the middle of the mall, security's running crazy to the point doors are locking," another caller told a 911 operator.

The only video of the incident that has surfaced was posted on You Tube.

A woman on one of the calls is heard asking someone to close the gate to the store.

911: How many people would you say are fighting ma'am?
Caller: Probably over 100 people standing out here.
911: Are they arguing or actually fisticuffs or hitting each other?
911: Are they hitting each other or arguing?
Caller: It's hard to tell there's so many people.
911: Do you know if anyone has any weapons?
Caller: Shut the gate, shut the gate.. do what?
911: Are there any weapons involved?
Caller: I can't tell.

Police say there were weapons. A 15-year-old was stabbed and a an officer was injured.

There were rumor that a Friday night at the shopping mall led to Saturday night's fight.

The malls general manager acknowledges there was an incident Friday, but he says the two brawls were not related.

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