Eyewitness News helps woman fix her A/C

RALEIGH, NC Lena Shotwell's apartment feels a lot different Monday. "When I woke up, they were in here working on it. Man told me they were here to fix the air conditioning, from the housing authority."

When Eyewitness News first told you about Lena Shotwell on Sunday, it was like a furnace in her home. Lena says it was 85 degrees. "It's time for somebody to know how they're doing things over here," Lena said. "I shouldn't have to sit here the whole weekend like this."

Lena called Eyewitness News because the air conditioner that kept her cool until Friday night didn't work. When she reported the problem to the Raleigh Housing Authority, some workers arrived at her home Saturday afternoon with some fans.

Lena explained her calls to officials got her very little action before our story aired. "A lady told me yesterday, 'call Channel 11. See if they won't help you.' I said, 'What will they do?' She said, they'll get 'em in motion." Her central air conditioner was fixed Monday.

Eyewitness News contacted Joel Whitley from the Raleigh Housing Authority. He says a weekend answering service was mistaken when it told Ms. Shotwell there were 30 broken housing authority A/C units that needed repair Sunday.

Whitley said his offices only got 4 calls about broken units, and most are either working now or getting fixed before the end of Monday.

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