WCSS reviewing transportation policy

RALEIGH, NC The move comes after three recent instances where young children were either dropped off at the wrong place or left unattended.

"In cases where we've had student who were inappropriately or incorrectly dropped especially at beginning of school, that causes us great concern," Superintendent Del Burns said.

On Monday, transportation officials sent a safety memo to Burns.

The memo references how the transportation department plans to review its policy --making any necessary changes to avoid mix-ups in the future.

"The fact that the recent unacceptable student transportation incidents occurred --despite the focus on student safety and continuous reinforcement of practices and procedures --has triggered the need to again review those practices and procedures," the memo read.

The memo goes on to say an advisory committee, made up of parents and school administrators, will do a full review of each situation. It also talks about a meeting with area superintendents to explore better ways of identifying young students with their names and bus stop locations.

Parents like Amanda Medlin, whose son was at the wrong bus stop, say it's about time.

"I think it's something that needed to have happened and looked at earlier," Medlin said.

Medlin says she is pleased to see Wake County schools taking action.

"I'm glad it's being revisited and stuff that it didn't take a child getting hurt or worse to actually look at some policies," Medlin said.

Her son Austin no longer rides the bus, but for the sake of other families, she hopes change is on the horizon.

"Maybe next time a child is dropped off 4 miles from home it won't be looked at as just an unfortunate incident and instead a problem that needs to be dealt with," Medlin said.

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