Passengers suffer on hot bus ride

FAYETTEVILLE Dozens of passengers said that made for a pretty miserable trip for a Columbia, South Carolina to Fayetteville bus ride.

The bus belongs to a company called Southeastern Stages.

The company runs some of the shorter lines into the Greyhound and Trailways hub terminals.

Passengers say when they got on the bus, the driver gave no indication of the ride they were in for.

"I've been on the bus a lot and I never seen anybody standing on the bus trying to hang on. No air at all ... none," passenger Tracy Long said.

Long and the other passengers on Southeastern Stages bus 252 said they could not wait to get off.

They had spent nearly four hours on an overcrowded bus with a broken air conditioning and very little ventilation.

"Sweltering, the kid behind me started passing out, his brother was freaking out. There was no water," passenger Rick Goodwin said.

Goodwin says he and many of the other passengers caught the bus in Columbia, South Carolina at 1 p.m. They say the bus stopped in Florence and Lumberton on its way to Fayetteville.

Under a blistering sun, the temperature was in the upper 90's Wednesday --the passengers say making the bus a rolling oven, that didn't stop even after a young child got over-heated.

"They brought him to bring him to the front, poured water over his head … he just got over-heated. They said he was alright and just kept going, didn't call no emergency units or nothing," passenger Ronald Jackson said.

Because the bus was late into Fayetteville, most of the passengers had to scramble to catch other buses, but glad the ordeal was finally over.

Passengers say the driver did open some vents in the ceiling, but they say it didn't help.

Eyewitness News made several calls to the Southeastern Stages corporate offices in Atlanta. They have not returned any of the calls.

Some of the passengers on the bus say they plan on filing complaints with the company.

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