Toddler found in hot car recovers

JOHNSTON COUNTY He is out of the hospital now and his mother says it may take him a while to get over the trauma.

"He was just shaking and his eyes were rolling over and I just felt like I was going to lose him there," Adrian's mother Sonia Garcia said.

Sheriff's officials say Adrian somehow got stuck in the family car in the blistering heat for about 40 minutes and was rushed to the hospital.

"He turned around and looked at me very sad and he said 'mom, did I die … did I die?' And I said, 'no baby, you didn't die you were just asleep'," Sonia said.

"I was praying and suddenly I just went in here and just started scratching there because I was sad and crying like, don't take him away, don't take him away," Adrian's sister Gaby Garcia said.

Sonia says Adrian is having nightmares, because he is still traumatized by the accident.

"He was just breaking my heart because of the things he was telling me and after that has gone by he said, 'mom, I called for you'," she said.

Adrian's mom also says that day he tried to scratch his way out through the window while he was in the car, but it didn't help.

No charges have been filed against Garcia. Sheriff's officials say they are still investigating the case.

Right now Sonia says her main focus is Adrian and getting him back to the playful little boy she knew.

"Take one day at a time, moment by moment and just watch him and make sure that he gets over that situation and forget about it and we're all going to try to help him," she said.

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