Neighbors rescue man from underneath car

It was a dramatic rescue in a Durham neighborhood.

"It wasn't a cry for help, it was just this noise," neighbor Mike McVey explained.

Neighbors recalled the moments before they sprung into action Thursday night. That's when a Mazda Miata, weighing more than 2,000 pounds, came crashed down on a man's chest just a few doors down.

"The man was clearly in distress and hurting and in pain," neighbor Steve Kueny said.

Kueny was outside talking to April McVey ,who called her husband to help out.

While McVey dialed 911, it took three men to raise the convertible and calm the trapped man.

"Kind of reassured him that we were there," April's husband Mike said. "We told him we were trying to get the car off of him as quickly as we can."

April said, "You could tell he was having problems breathing."

Within minutes, the paramedics arrived and rushed the man to Duke Hospital. The next day Henry Alston met his rescue team for the first time.

Alston fortunately did not receive any major injuries. He has a neck brace, severe bruises on his chest and a heap of gratitude.

Emergency workers hail the neighbors as heroes and Alston agrees. Neighbors say they reacted like any good neighbors.

Needless to say, Alston and his neighbors won't be changing the oil in their cars anytime soon. In fact, Alston says he's already found a repair shop around the corner from his house.

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