Troubleshooter: Hung out to dry

RALEIGH In this case, Lola Youngman says she was patient and understood mistakes do happen. But what frustrated her the most was how the dry cleaners handled the ordeal. She says they would not take responsibility. Something she takes to heart since she actually wrote a song called "Take Responsibly." She wrote the song for her Joyner Elementary School chorus. The songs message is to stop blaming others and take responsibility.

Her song was the first thing she thought of when it came to the runaround she says she got from Anytime Dry Cleaners. She says, "I brought the top in about two months ago. When I went to pick it up later they couldn't find it." She gave them some time to look for it, but after a few weeks she says her expensive white top from Cache was nowhere to be found. She adds, "They never found it. I sort of suspected that somebody liked it and took it. I don't know if it was a customer, if they gave it to the wrong customer or the customer just didn't bring it back. Those things don't seem to happen with your ugly clothes, they happen to your favorite thing."

She says she was told to get a receipt for the top she bought from Cache and they would take care of her. But when she gave the manager the receipt she says it did not go well. She adds, "I put it in front of him and he's like oh now you tell me it's Cache, you didn't tell me that before. I'm thinking so you wouldn't have lost it if it was Cache? That's kind of silly."

She says the manager said he'd talk to the owner and get back with her. But she said weeks went by and she heard nothing. She says all she wanted was for Anytime Dry Cleaners to take responsibility and reimburse her for the shirt they apparently lost. She says to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "It appeared as though I was going to get nowhere unless I did something really different so I thought about you."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Anytime Dry Cleaners. The rep told her the owner was out of the country but they would take responsibility. Which they did as Lola said they gave her $70.00 and $20.00 dollars worth of dry cleaning. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I really appreciate you guys stepping in because that made a big difference."

The rep for Anytime Dry Cleaners said they couldn't give her the full value of her shirt since it wasn't brand new. She also the apologized for the problem and said Lola is a very good customer and they want to make her happy.

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