Three vehicles involved in accident on Hwy. 98

RALEIGH, NC It happened just after 9 a.m. on Highway 98 between Ghoston Road and Marsh Field Road in Northern Wake County. It took EMS workers nearly two hours to get one of the victims out of his car.

State Highway Patrol troopers tell Eyewitness News a Mustang crossed over the center lane and hit a burgundy SUV forcing the truck to spin to the other side of the road. A white utility truck was behind the SUV that was hit and swerved right to avoid that accident. As a result the utility truck hit some trees and ended up in a ditch.

Jamison king heard a loud noise outside his job, "big loud noise like a bomb went off ." He says he was the first one on the scene, what he saw was shocking, "his head fully compressed with blood."

The Ford Mustang involved looks more like a convertible now, it took dozens of firefighters and rescue workers. Piece by piece, first the roof, then the door, dash and windows had to be removed.

Forced to use the the jaws of life to cut out the victim who was trapped inside, King says the man yelled for help, "help help help help then the police arrived said dont touch him the amubulance is on the way."

For hours neighbors watched officials work to free the man, who was constantly having to receive pain relief in shots, the helicopter postponed due to bad weather. He was finally freed his legs bruised, bloody and cut, he was placed in the ambulance and taken away.

Preliminary reports say the mustang may have crossed the center lane here on 98, striking this burgandy s-u-v head on, now on the side of the road, mangled, we're told the man inside was trapped but able to get free.

The white utility truck here was behind the su-v we're told had a man and his young son inside, a busted front end and broken glass window, they were reportedly able to walk away. All four victims were taken to the hospital with injury.

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