School trainer evaluated teen before his death


Atlas Fraley called 911 after arriving home from football practice Tuesday. "I think I'm dehydrated," he told the operator. "I think I need an IV or something."

The 17-year-old football player had struggled with cramps on the football field during a Tuesday scrimmage.

Friday Chapel Hill High School's athletic director said trainer Ben Ried decided Fraley should come out of the game.

"My understanding is that he did go over and speak to Coach Ried and as the trainer, Coach Ried realizes he has the right to hold him out for whatever reason, or let them go back in," Ronnie Hayes, athletic director, said.

The trainer also decided Fraley did not need to go to the hospital.

"He is a certified trainer so we trust him to make the best decision for our athletes and our football coaches," Hayes said. "Understand that if Mr. Ried says a certain athlete doesn't need to go back in, they're not going to put him back in."

What happened after practice is still under intense scrutiny. Fraley called 911 when he got home from practice. He was alone.

EMS officials say someone was dispatched to the teen's home but left without transporting him.

Hours later his parents found him dead.

EMS officials remain tight-lipped about what happened in their care.

The Fraley family said it received a call from EMS at least once Friday, but they were busy preparing for Atlas' funeral.

They Fraleys feel like officials have not been forthcoming with the details of their son's death.

EMS officials would not answer questions about the case Friday. Fraley's funeral is set for 4 p.m. Saturday.

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