Fayetteville Goodyear plant closes for two weeks


It's terrible news for the 2,800 union workers at the plant. Goodyear officials say the Fayetteville plant will shut down at shift change 1 p.m. Saturday.

The facility turns out more than 30,000 tires a day and sluggish car sales, fueled by high gas prices, have tires at the plant and other Goodyear facilities stacking up.

A Goodyear spokesperson said the company is shutting down production at all of its North American tire plants to reduce inventory.

Union officials said the company had promised to supplement workers' pay from a special fund, but now union officials don't think that is going to happen.

"If you got three years or more in the plant you get sub pay, and that's 80 percent of your gross income," union spokesperson Mike Price said.

For workers who were hired last week, that mean they're getting laid off for two weeks.

Union officials said there may be more to come. They said the company has told them if tire sales don't improve, there could be another round of inventory reduction lay offs at Christmas.

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