Semester over for UNC athlete charged with DWI


Twenty-year-old Christopher Kearney is charged with DWI, felony hit-and-run, underage drinking and driving and having two fake IDs.

Kearney stared blankly through a video monitor during the court proceeding.

Police said around 2 a.m. Sunday, he was driving down Columbia Street in Chapel Hill towards Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. They say Kearney ran off the road, striking a rock wall and hitting two bystanders.

Reports say he tried to walk away, but when police found the 20-year-old they discovered he was under the influence and underage. His alcohol content was .18 -- more than double the legal limit.

Outside the courtroom his attorney said the family is trying to cope.

"He's devastated," Kearney family attorney Amos Tyndall said. "Very sad the young girls were hurt, wishing, obviously wishing he'd had made better choices."

Kearney will leave school early and return to California. He will have to return to Orange County to face multiple charges.

The victims, Carolyn Kubitschek and Casey Marie Lesawyer, were transported to UNC Hospitals and are listed in good condition.

Kearney's next court appearance is scheduled for August 28. His attorney said he will sit out the rest of the semester.

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