Numbers fall short for Wake schools

WAKE COUNTY One school leader says he is not surprised by the low numbers and it's time to start converting some schools back to a traditional calendar.

There are 49 Wake County schools on the year-round calendar. Currently, they are about 1,600 students below their projected total.

Last year there were nearly 2,100 fewer students than expected.

Some, like year-round opponent and School Board Member Ron Margiotta, say its evidence of a "flawed system".

"An awful lot of it just has to do with the way we've assigned, and but what this has created is some serious problems within the schools," Margiotta said.

Because of the low numbers, some teachers will be moved to other schools and some classrooms will be shifted around.

Supporters insist the year-round model is a good way to manage growth in the county, but they acknowledge many parents are opting to keep their kids out of them.

"At this point, we really can't say because we don't know what the total number is going to look like," Superintendent Del Burns said.

Regardless the final enrollment number, Margiotta says he has seen enough.

"Hopefully this board is going to reconsider and move some schools back to traditional calendar next year," Margiotta said.

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