Report: NC probation system has 'ineffective' management


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The federal government says NC needs to make changes to its /*probation*/ system, following the murder of two Triangle college students.

A new federal report found there's "ineffective" management oversight at every level of the /*DOC*/.

The report, which was released late Tuesday, found major gaps in the way the department operates.

The report was prompted after it was discovered that /*Demario Atwater*/ and /*Lawrence Lovette, Jr.*/, the two suspects charged with killing a Duke grad student and a UNC senior, repeatedly violated probation before the killings.

The report also says workers "failed to execute" policy when it came to Atwater and Lovette.

Since the arrest of the suspects, the DOC has not only made changes to it's own probation system, but it also ordered the National Institute of Corrections to do an independent evaluation of the department.

The NIC is recommending changes including creating a screening process so high-risk offenders will be supervised more closely by probation officer and developing new statewide policies to keep tabs on very offender.

Other changes include revamping Wake County's probation intake office, which could help keep tabs on offenders. That would give probation officers a mix of high- and low-risk offenders. Finally, it recommends pursuing new state laws that would allow probation officers to access juvenile records.

Several DOC officials will be in Washington, D.C. today, meeting with NIC officials regarding the report.

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