Group wants to reinstate Nifong

DURHAM His prosecution of the Duke lacrosse case cost Mike Nifong his job, but when he lost his law license, a grassroots group in Durham decided to help him get it back, with a survey.

They want his law license reinstated and they are turning to a survey that is being circulated to the media and law schools nationwide.

"He deserves to have it back, whether he wants to or not and he deserves to have it back because it was taken from him unjustly … and he's not asking us to do this," said Sidney Harr with the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong.

The small group is gauging opinions about the duke lacrosse case and Nifong's disbarment.

The questions cover negative statements made by the governor and the state attorney general about Nifong to whether officials at his ethics trial could have been biased.

The goal is to someday make a case for why his law license should be reinstated.

"The chance of Mr. Nifong getting his law license back for the things that he did, I would say are slim and none for his entire life," Duke Lacrosse Defense Attorney Joseph Cheshire said.

Cheshire supported Nifong's disbarment. He questions the group's agenda, saying the survey may do Nifong more harm than good.

The group says Nifong has nothing to do with the survey and has no plans to join the committee.

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