Few issues this morning for Wake Schools


The situation, involving school buses and schedules, was closely watch by parents.

A bus headed to /*Hunter Elementary School*/ ran a little late but moms waiting with their second graders said that was not unusual.

"At times, it will show up really late, so we just give up and drive out to the school which is like, 15, 20 miles," parent Minal Bhojani said.

Parents have seen the news stories this summer about /*Wake School*/ bus drivers dropping one child off at a wrong stop and letting another board the wrong bus.

So on the first day of traditional school, parents hope for the best. "I hope to see they get the correct time on the ride, the right bus and everything," parent Padma Mavilla said.

Wake County Superintendent Del Burns said the school system is working on not repeating some of it's same mistakes.

"And we have continued to review our practices and procedures, and to insure consistency across all of our 156 schools," Burns said.

A new procedure includes giving younger students name tags that display the numbers of assigned school buses and location of their bus stops.

When the Hunter Elementary School bus arrived, the driver told parents there will be some minor glitches concerning school bus schedules for a few days.

Things are expected to be fine after the first week as the new practices and procedures are tested.

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