Where did my tree go?


Candace Weiger lives in a community where yard maintenance like grass cutting is included. But imagine her surprise when she came home from vacation in the summer of 2007, and her exotic tree wasn't there.

The tree was a 9-foot Bloodgood Japanese Red Maple Tree she brought from her previous home. Candace says her husband e-mailed the landscaping company for the home owners association and discovered what happened to the tree.

She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "The landscaping company admitted they should not have come into our yard and taken the tree without our permission and the agreed to replace it. They thought the tree was dead. The tree was sick but it wasn't dead."

In the fall, the landscaping company, Yard-Nique, Inc. did replace the tree.

Candace adds, "I was a little concerned about the health of the tree, especially the top third of the tree but they said the tree was dormant and it would bloom out in the spring."

By spring, Candace says it wasn't looking good. She says, "It was not going to bloom out to the top third. So we again started the e-mail log with the landscape company. They came out and assessed the tree and agreed to replace it."

Instead of replacing it, Candace says they cut off the top third, and made it a four foot tree. Candace says her husband was back e-mailing Yard-Nique about the status of getting another tree. She says, "That's when we started getting the e-mail from the owner who stated they're not going to replace the tree as they had done everything they could have and should have done."

Candace got in touch with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. After she got in touch with Yard-Nique, Candace picked out a new Bloodgood tree which is now standing tall in her yard.

She says, "Now I'm going to watch it bloom." She says she's very happy with the new tree and happy with Yard-Nique's resolution.

In a statement the owner of Yard-Nique, Inc. said, "We are very pleased to have been able to resolve this matter to the Weigers satisfaction. The situation was an unfortunate mis-understanding and we wanted to make it right."

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