Results of burned body found expected

VANCE COUNTY Investigators believe /*Robert Parham*/ killed his wife /*Geneva Parham*/ and then set the house on fire.

Police have yet to definitely identify the body in the house as Geneva's according to her family.

The family tells Eyewitness News detectives believe it is her body, but they are still waiting for confirmation from the medical examiner.

Geneva's mother Karen Brown, says "the body in the house was found in the first bedroom up on the right, which was her youngest son's bedroom."

Monday morning, both families watched Parham face a judge. His face showed little emotion as he entered the courtroom.

"In the past, he's threatened to take the kids away and he said he'd kill her if she tried to leave him and take the kids," Geneva Parham's brother Jeremy Brown said. "So we're sure in our hearts that they've got the right man."

However, his family disagrees.

"If my brother did this, he should get justice, but we're just saying there's a lot of lies being told and the truth hasn't come out yet," Robert Parham's sister Deborah Boyd said. "I know my brother very well and I don't think he did that. He's too sensitive. I don't see how he could do that."

"If he was an adult, if he was a man, he would have walked away. He would have tried to be civil, for the children. But he's taken their mom," Geneva's Sister-in-law Melissa Brown said.

Parham wanted to say something in court, but the judge advised him to make no statement until he meets his court appointed attorney.

Both families say they want what's best for the couple's three sons.

"He wants somebody to take care of his kids that's reliable. That's all he wants," Boyd said.

"We can just try to love them as much as we can and take care of them as much as we possibly can," Melissa Brown added. "It's a sad, sad situation."

Parham is due back in court next Monday.

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