HS parking dilemma under review

RALEIGH The Raleigh City Council directed City Manager Russell Allen to work with the superintendent of the Wake County Public School System on finding ways to provide more parking at Broughton High School. Allen will issue a report to the City Council when his discussions with the superintendent are complete.

The school system has drawn up plans to add 126 parking spaces, spaces that would go in front of the school and displace much of the grass that's there now. The City Council is considering the request.

The expanded lot would cover 55,345 square feet, with an exit driveway onto West Peace Street. It would be located between Broughton High's primary campus building and Peace Street.

The plans' designers say they only tried to do the best they could to solve the dilemma and at the same time respect Broughton's historic architecture.

On Sept. 9, the Raleigh Planning Commission voted 6-3 against the parking lot addition, citing adverse effects on off-street parking and other negative impacts of the expansion.

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker wants to find a medium where more off campus parking is found and grass lawn is preserved.

Increased enrollment has also had another effect on parking. There used to be a big parking lot at Broughton, but much of it is filled with mobile classrooms to accommodate extra students.

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