New headquarters to come to Fort Bragg

FORT BRAGG A $288 million contract has been awarded to build a new headquarters for two major commands that will soon call Fort Bragg home.

The US Army Forces Command and the Army's Reserve Command will move into the 700,000 square foot building in 2011.

A Virginia based company has been awarded the contract to build the new headquarters on Fort Bragg.

Even though the new facility is being built by an out-of-state contractor, there will be plenty of work for North Carolinians.

"It's a very large construction project, 288 million plus on the contract to Hensel Phelps. They're out of Chantilly, Virginia, but at the same time they want to hire locally," BRAC Regional Task Force Paul Dordal said.

The commands are currently based at Fort McPherson, Georgia and have separate buildings in Atlanta. The reserve command's building is just about brand new.

There is plenty of land for the headquarters building itself, but parking is another issue."

"Park as close as you can and have some lots out there with some shuttles running you into the headquarters," Dordal said. "We're talking about a facility that's going to house between 2,700 and 3,000 people. So, significant parking issue that needs to be resolved."

"I think there's a great possibility that many of those will serve in their capacities and at some point may retire and enrich the communities in and around Fort Bragg," FORSCOM Commander Gen. Charles Campbell said.

The new Interstate 295 is going to intersect Bragg Boulevard, which will pass about a mile from where the new FORSCOM headquarters is going to be built.

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