New roadway


There are new results residents in that neighborhood didn't think they'd ever see.

The residents in the Brassfield Woods subdivision were promised over and over again their roadway would be fixed.

Jason Horay says, "There's cracks in it and it continues to get worse as the weather gets bad and as people continue to drive over top of them."

Eyewitness News first showed you the street a few months ago, and it looked like a crumbling mess.

Jason and other residents say they've complained about the street several times to Saad Toma, the investor who bought the land from the developer.

But the homeowners say that only lead to empty promises. One of the residents said, "The contractors have not followed through, he can't find a reliable contractor, the price is too much."

Since the DOT won't take over the streets until they're fixed, they turned to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

Toma assured Troubleshooter Diane Wilson the problems would be taken care of soon.

Residents were anxious but said, "I'm excited, but I'm not sure it's going to happen yet. I'm still waiting to see."

Well, their wait is now over as the street to got repaved. Jason adds, "He did an excellent job on the street having it all paved and complete we're really excited about it."

Plus, Jason says he's now the popular neighbor thanks to the new look. He adds, "After they saw me on the news, they think I'm the town hero that I came to Diane Wilson to get this done and they're really excited."

The investor Saad Toma told me he didn't think he's was responsible to fix the street but as a gesture of good he wanted to do it.

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