Troubleshooter: Delivery disaster

DURHAM Lawrence Vines says it was a frustrating ordeal and all started when Sears was making a delivery to one of his neighbors.

Lawrence wasn't even home during the delivery. But when he got home, he walked into no power. His power pole was knocked over, there were downed wires, and a busted utility box all in his front yard.

Lawrence tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "It made me mad. They didn't leave a note, no contact information on the door. I had to find out by the park manager."

With no power, Lawrence went to Sears to try and start a claim but says it didn't get him anywhere. He continued to call Sears the next day to try and get immediate help. He adds, "The new claims center set up new claim number and they forwarded to their insurance company."

Lawrence got a glimmer of hope. He says, "The first insurance company to call me Monday said it would be taken care of today." Monday came and went and Lawrence still didn't have power. He adds, "I had an estimate done and it's $1,675.00 for the electrician. I can't do this out of my pocket. I need a check next day service to me that way I can get back to regular life."

A rep with Sears told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson they're working hard to resolve the case and regret this even happened. Sears did come to a resolution with Lawrence. They sent him a check overnightfor $2,500 dollars to cover the electrician, lost food, and lost wages. Lawrence says, "I'm glad to be finished with Sears. Iit totally got to the point where I got tired of dealing with them."

A Sears rep also added that this was an isolated incident and they were glad they could resolve it. And it's a good heads-up for all homeowners. When something like this happens, the power company is only responsible for supplying power to the meter, not for fixing the downed lines and pole.

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