Troubleshooter: Beach Pictures

DURHAM Linda Clodfelter tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "They were going to be works of art of our family. I felt really confident that we were going to have a great set of pictures."

Linda's daughter gave her the sitting fee with Lee's Photography for her birthday. The entire family was at Morehead Beach in July for a big family vacation. Lee Midgett, the owner of Lee's Photography took the family photos during one day of the vacation. A day after shooting the family photo's, Linda and her three daughters met with him and say they went over in detail with Lee what touch-ups they wanted to each picture. Linda adds, "The sand was one of the things he said he could correct so it wouldn't look like it was all trampled in. He would correct any stray hairs that we had, and any eyes that were closed and wardrobe with the wind blowing at the beach that may have gone astray. Actually he promised me I would look a little thinner."

Linda's daughters were the first to get their pictures. They weren't happy as they say the stray hairs weren't touched up, the sand is not smooth and there's shadow's on some of the faces. One picture Linda's daughter Kellie paid more than $400.00. She says all the artwork Lee said he would do to the picture, didn't happen.

Meanwhile, for Linda four months after paying in full more than $1,400.00 for her pictures, there's no sign of them. She says, "I finally did speak to him two weeks ago. He promised he would ship my pictures by the end of the week. He didn't indicate he had any problems with sizing, coloring, the quality of work. I haven't heard from him since."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson called Lee's Photography and was promised several times he would get back with her. He never did but one of his employees said she didn't know where Lee was at in the process but is working on Linda's prints. She also added, it's taking longer because Linda changed her order and wants odd sizes of photos. Linda says that's simply not true and just wants what she paid for or her money back. She adds, "It was very important to me to have those memories of my family and to capture those moments in our lives when we were together."

Linda did pay by credit card and disputed the $1,400 charge since she never got her pictures. As of now, she says they have issued her a temporary credit for the full amount, while they investigate. That's a good tip to keep in mind when deciding on how to pay, paying by credit, is the only way you can dispute it.

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