Mourners remember Michelle Young

CARY People who knew and loved Michelle Young gathered to remember her and her spirit Sunday.

"We still miss Michelle," mourner Carol Nelson said. "It's been two years, and we still think about her every day."

Two years ago Monday, Young's sister found her battered body inside her home.

Investigators believe her daughter Cassidy spent hours with her dead mother before the discovery.

A headstone unveiled Sunday bears Young's name and the name of the son she carried at the time of her death.

"It just brought tears to my eyes, that it's just so perfect and so fitting for Michelle and motherhood and love. That's what Michelle wanted more than anything in life, was being a mom," mourner Kim Linder said.

"It's a bittersweet day for everyone who came here to celebrate Michelle, as a family member, friend or coworker," Anthony Wilson said. "It was made even worse by the fact that still; there has been no arrests in this case."

The Young case is one of several in recent years where mothers or married women were victims.

Now Young's mourners are counting on a break in the case soon.

"That someone that has information can come forward and contact the police department or sheriff's department, the SBI, and help us get a break in this case and get someone behind bars," Linder said.

For now, symbols of things she loved, like ladybugs, bring comfort.

"I was standing behind Linda during the ceremony and a ladybug just came and landed on her shoulder," Nelson said. "So it's a sign, that Michelle is with us and that she knows how many people care about her."

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