Local scholar shares in Obama's win

RALEIGH Now a noted local scholar with a unique perspective on Obama's achievement is sharing his views with Eyewitness News.

Historian John Hope Franklin is excited about the future for America.

Franklin wrote "From Slavery to Freedom," a book some call the definitive history of race relations in America.

Now Dr. Franklin, Professor Emeritus of History at Duke University has something to say about the significance of Obama's victory.

Franklin, "It's an important step, an important moment for all the people, especially the young people, looking."

Dr. Franklin has lived through more than nine decades of America's sometimes uneasy relationship with African-Americans prior to Obama's victory.

He says Obama's election will have an impact on a nation affected by years of racial prejudice.

Franklin continued, "It opens another door for people to understand what equality is, what it means, and what the institution of government can do to achieve equality. The euphoria and pleasure that all of us get from witnessing this historic time arise from the fact that it is a new experience for vast numbers of people in this country."

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