Durham Police investigate officer involved crash


It happened in the 2800-block of Fayetteville Street at Elmira Ave just before 9 p.m.

"It sounded like a big thump," eyewitness James Jackson said. "It was there! It was just loud -- real loud."

A Durham officer was pulled from his cruiser.

Police say the officer was heading south on Fayetteville St. when a car tried to make a left from Elmira Ave. An eyewitness told a different story.

"I seen the young lady trying to pull into the driveway and the police officer curved around a car and hit the lady," Jackson said. "And when he hit her, it bashed her car in the front and then messed his car up, so he was pinned in the car."

The officer, the driver of the other car and a passenger were transported to Duke with non-life threatening injuries.

Both cars were totaled and no charges have been filed.

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