Troubleshooter: Hotel Refund


She was promised one, but when she didn't get it she called /*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/.

Sally Chapman thought she would have no problem getting a refund on her hotel stay since she had it in writing from the hotel that she would not be charged for the room. But since Sally booked and paid in full for the room through, that company had to issue the refund.

This refund goes back to last month when Sally says the air conditioning wasn't working in their hotel room. She says, "My husband called down and said he feel like we need some compensation and they hotel said we won't charge you for the night and that was kudos for the hotel."

As soon as Sally got back to the state, she says e-mailed She adds, "They said they would look into and I gave them a week and I still didn't hear back from them so I wrote them again and it became a 2 to 3 day apart e-mailing."

In e-mails a customer care rep said they were waiting for the required correspondence from the hotel. In the meantime, they offered sally a $50 on her next reservation. Sally says, "If you charged me $154 and the hotel in England is not charging you then I thought they could handle that."

After a few weeks of not hearing if she would get the refund or not Sally was watching ABC11 and saw Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. Sally says, "I sent a final e-mail I would turn it over to the BBB, and then I was watching the news and thought hum, I'll just give it a shot."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with and within an hour Sally got a call about a full credit being issued to her account. Sally says, "I'm happy I got a resolution."

A rep with thanked us for giving them an opportunity to respond to Sally's complaint. Sally says told her she should have called them directly when there was a problem with the room.

The best advice if you're traveling this holiday season and made the reservations through a travel Website is take a look at their policies before you leave to see what steps you need to take if you have problems.

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